24 Reasons Drinking More Water Makes You Awesome

ways water makes your awesome

Sixty percent of our body is made up of water. However, water does not just sustain us, it can improve our quality of life.  It’s incredible how this simple and natural liquid can provide so many benefits and not just as a drink.  Take a look at the following benefits to inspire you to drink more water every day and use it for your daily needs.

As a drink:


  1. It’s a mood lifter

Being thirsty alone can already make anyone cranky.  We feel so refreshed after we drink water that it can instantly improve our temper.

  1. It can avert and ease headaches.

Dehydration can lead to headaches so keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.  Drinking several cups of water can also help relieve dehydration-induced headaches.

  1. It keeps your digestive system healthy

You can avoid constipation by drinking plenty of water as it softens fats and adheres with fiber as it goes through the large intestine.

  1. It aids in maintaining the elasticity of our cartilage

The cartilage that covers our bones is composed mostly of water so keep them and your joints flexible and in smooth working order by drinking enough water.

  1. It will help you feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal

Drinking water can satiate us, helping us avoid eating more and eventually contributing to weight loss.

  1. You can combine it with fruits for a delicious and calorie-free drink

Rather than serving alcohol or soda to your guests, or even whilst drinking yourself, try adding some fruits like cucumber or lemon for additional taste and health benefits. There are a number of studies to show the detox benefits of fruit-infused water, try it yourself!

  1. It can boost your energy

Tired and sleepy?  Your body may be showing the first symptoms of mild dehydration.  Instead of reaching for an energy drink right away, grab a glass of water instead.

  1. It may help you sustain your focus

Feeling thirsty may distract you from the task at hand.  Hydrate regularly to fuel your brain cells and keep you attentive.

  1. It could ward off some deadly diseases

Some studies suggest that there is a possible link between drinking water and decreasing the tendency for bladder and colon cancer.

  1. It’s vital to the health of our kidneys

Kidneys have a key role in eliminating waste from our bodies and water is essential in processing the waste.

  1. It may help keep heart disease at bay

According to several studies, a connection was discovered between drinking more water and a decreased likelihood of death caused by heart problems.

  1. It helps you perform better when you’re working out

To stay active, you will need to regularly drink water to replenish the fluids you lost from perspiring.

  1. It can control fatigue after a vigorous workout or game

Athletes also drink lots of water while competing to retain fluid balance in the body and lessen exhaustion afterwards.


In your environment:


  1. It’s a natural, eco-friendly cleaner

Almost all green cleaning solutions, whether for cosmetic or household use, utilize water as an ingredient because of its effectiveness and natural properties.

  1. It can ease a stuffy nose

If you’re suffering from a cold and your nose is congested, steam inhalation, such as from a humidifier, can help clear your sinuses.

  1. Taking a shower or soaking in a bath can alleviate negative feelings

Immersing ourselves in warm water lowers our blood pressure, promptly making us relax and helping clear our mind.

  1. Soaking in hot water releases tired muscles and lessens body aches

Those troubled by body pain will find a hot bath as effective and calming as a good body massage.

  1. Sleeping on waterbeds may improve back pain

Some waterbed owners found their water-filled mattresses comforting as their chronic back pain was minimized.  Heated waterbeds are especially helpful.

  1. Listening to the sound of water has a relaxing effect

To help you meditate or sleep, listen to the sound of natural water from the river, sea or rain.

  1. Frozen water in ice packs is used to treat injuries

Apply an ice pack on mild injuries like muscle sprains to reduce swelling and diminish pain.

  1. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout for all fitness and age levels

Whether young or old, swimming has been found to be good for the heart without straining the body.

  1. Aquatic therapy is good for both the body and the mind

Water exercise is not just beneficial to your muscles.  Floating in water evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.

  1. Cryotherapy (submerging in cold water) is helpful for athletes

Athletic performance considerably strains the body but a cold water bath can minimize swelling and assist the body to recover quickly.

  1. Being close to water enhances mental wellbeing

A recent study confirmed that those residing in areas near water experienced lesser anxiety than those living in urban spots or forested regions.

In all its forms, water is one of the few substances that gives us life and brings so much good into our lives, whether it’s inside you or all around you.  So when it comes to water, drink up and enjoy its benefits more.


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