Water Facts and Unique Properties


Educational Articles About Water Health Benefits and Interesting Facts


All Facts about Water: its Unique Properties, Water Memory Research, Benefits for Life and Health, Why Drink Pure Water? (Part1)

All Facts About Water

All fact about the unique physical and chemical properties of water. Pure water benefits to life and health. Masaru Emoto’s water memory research and more.

Water and life are inseparable. Where there is one on the Earth, there is always another. The existence of any organic life, any seed or embryo begins in the water. Water is the ideal basis of biological life, not only on Earth, but also everywhere in the universe – continue reading…

24 Reasons Drinking More Water Makes You Awesome

ways water makes your awesomeSixty percent of our body is made up of water. Nevertheless, water does not just sustain us; it can improve our quality of life.

It is unbelievable how this simple and ordinary liquid can deliver so many benefits and not just as a drink.  Look at the next benefits to motivate you to drink more water every day and use it for your daily needs – continue reading…




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