Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Benefits

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Unfiltered water means unhealthy lifestyle! Having a good countertop reverse osmosis filter will do just your job! It is a good way of securing of life with a small price to pay. Stay tension free with this filter. You do not have to worry about the quality of water if you connect a reverse osmosis filter with your tap. This will purify your water and make you healthier.

Now, you must be thinking how does the purification process work? Well, you have to the right place. After going through this article, you definitely go through an urge of buying the countertop reverse osmosis water filter. However, you should know both the merits and demerits of this kind of water purification system.

Is Countertop Reverse Osmosis Filtration Effective or Not?

Now coming to something important, countertop reverse osmosis system is an effective way of purifying water. Now coming to the purification process, basically, what this does is, it takes water from the pipes and purifies it, by removing the harmful microbes and particles that might be harmful to your health.

Certain things are invisible to the naked eyes but are clearly visible to the water filter. Certain water filters make an effort of taking out each and every microbe and harmful particles which it sees. However, there are some which is unable of pointing out those tiny microbes. Thus, those microbes still remain in the water that you drink. This is the most basic difference between a good water filter and a bad one or rather a below average one.

Here We Picked Three Models Which Might be Helpful as a Reference:


  • Crystal Quest 50 GPD Countertop Reverse Osmosis Systems (CQE-CT-00142)

Crystal Quest 50 GPD Countertop Reverse Osmosis SystemsThis model is a 3-stage purifier. The only work that you need to do is drain out some of the water from your tap. This system of filtration is similar to the beneath the sink system. The only advantage being that, you do not have to keep a check valve or any kind of storage tank. Having this will only take up a lot of space, the countertop reverse osmosis system avoids that disadvantage. This is a very compact system and makes room for some more apartments.

The water filter will hang from your wall. Choose the water filter which meets your exact needs and specifications. You can even choose the color according to your choice. These devices last for many years; all you need to do is change the carbon black fitted inside the filter sometimes.

Some of the countertop RO system filters up to 50 gallons of water every day. Such water purifying filters are best for systems which services a lot of people like in an office, motels or for any kind of gatherings where there are a lot of people, and naturally you need good and healthy drinking water.

This system happens to removes all kinds of undissolved particles like dust, silt, rust, sand, dirt, and any other stuff, which might pose a risk to human beings. This system also uses an electrochemical process to get rid of heavy metals like lead, nickel, copper, chromium, aluminum, mercury, and many other such heavy metal. These metals are attracted to the surface of the water purifier like a magnet in countertop RO system.

  • Aquasana Countertop Water Filter System AQ-4000

aq-4000w Aquasana Countertop Water FilterThis new model brings you some unique feature. This model filters water under pressure. Some consider this type of water filtration as one of the best ways of filtering water. However, not all the purifiers are good. Some of the best purifiers are designed uniquely in such a manner so that, it removes pollutants and kills all the harmful germs.

These water filters are easy to install and easy to maintain as well. This is going to be a great way of reducing the number of plastic bottle of purified water you buy for drinking purpose.

The time gap between which you need to replace or change the filters is six months. This model is very affordable and within your means. You can easily change the cartridges as well. And takes very little space.

  • APEC RO-CTOP Portable Countertop RO System

APEC RO-CTOP Portable Countertop RO SystemThis is a very high in demand water purifier. This is a 4-stage water filter. This gives you ultra-pure water.

Light-weighted and easy installation purifier. This filter gets hooked to the faucets in a matter of few minutes. This gives you a long lasting routine.

The filters are very reliable and its capacity is quite good. Best for condos, motels and retirement homes.

Not all the Countertop Filters are Same!

However, if you think that countertop filtered water is always good for your health, then you are wrong! Not all the filters work the same way. It differs from brand to brand. You should not make any kind of compromise regarding your health. Even if that means buying a bit costly water purifier.

According to some the RO technology of purifying water is not too good. They might be correct. If the procedure inside the purifier is not carried out in proper fashion, the water is still left with unseen microbes and bacteria which poses a grave danger to your health and is going to show up as severe complications in the near future.

Few Disadvantages of Countertop Reverse Osmosis Filter

The disadvantage of having countertop filtered water is that this system tends to demineralize the water which you are drinking. Hence, all the good and beneficial minerals are removed from water.


Nevertheless, did you know that water is not the only source of minerals and you can easily get it from natural sea salts, foods, vegetables and so on? In fact, a lot of nutritionists agree that water isn’t a primary source of dietary minerals anyway!

Minerals in water are in inorganic form, thus, not easily absorbed by the body however, organic minerals in foods are more readily absorbed. Anyway, there is RO system with water mineralization technology – Aquasana Reverse Osmosis AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O with remineralization

You might argue that this kind of purifier removes chlorine from water, which is carcinogenic! But, you must also understand that this is not the only harmful chemical, there are many other carcinogenic materials, which the water purifier is unable to filter. Thus, a countertop reverse osmosis water filter has its perks as well as its disadvantages. All you need to do to keep safe from germs is make a well-informed decision about buying which water filter.

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