Reliable Katadyn Water Filters and Desalinators on the Market

Katadyn Water FiltersToday, people become more aware of clean drinking water. That means they will take advantage of some products like a Katadyn water filter and desalinators to get better water quality. Who is this company?

Katadyn is a market leader for water filtration products and systems. The company is based in Switzerland. They produce both personal and portable water treatment products. Their systems are useful for both marine and outdoor industries, actually. The customers can take many benefits of using products produced by such company.

Why Katadyn?

First of all, the company is quite reliable. They have manufactured many outstanding and useful water filtrations for customers worldwide. They have the principle to develop many types of water filters that are easy to carry. With their products, people are able to get clean and safe drinking water in any places around the globe. Not to mention these items are helpful in remote corners, too.

Perhaps they have the most efficient water filtration systems (together with US brands like Aquasana, Crystal Quest) when compared to the others. The fact is that they always put a high standard of quality when producing those things. Later, there are some items reviewed in this article.

Regardless the items and models, whether hiker pro, pocket or desalinator, people can use them without hassles. They are easy to operate and reliable. Due to the excellence of their products, many international organizations rely on them.

Katadyn has become a superior manufacturer when it comes to water filtration systems. These are 3 most popular reverse osmosis desalinators they have produced. Which one is the best? Each of these items is quite unique. That’s why people have a different choice regarding their preferences.

Katadyn Survivor 35

Katadyn Survivor 35 desalinator

Well, it’s the most popular emergency desalinator on the marketplace. It’s able to produce at least 4.5 liters each hour. This item produces enough water for people. Most of the users are military forces, adventurers, sea kayaks, voyagers, US citizens, and many more. The thing is people always need clean water to drink when they adventure. There is water everywhere on the sea. However, people can drink it. With Survivor 35, they get fresh water regardless the time and place. The aim is to prevent dehydration when it comes to adventuring.

This item is also lightweight. That means it’s compact to carry. Many people take advantage of this item for emergency purposes. Not to mention it’s quite recommended as one of personal survival kits. Buyers can also buy the RO systems as these are available.

There are no generators, batteries, or alternators needed. Survivor 35 uses the technology that produces drinkable, pure, and safe water from contaminated water. It can also turn salt water into fresh one. The process only takes a few minutes. Users only need to pump it with a high pressure in. Overall, it’s easy to use for different occasions. The weight is only 2.5 pounds. That’s why it’s quite easy to carry as a pocket filter.

Katadyn Survivor 06

Katadyn Survivor 06 desalinator

The next item is Survivor 06. What’s good about it? Many people often use the item to either purify or filter water. It can eradicate chemicals and pathogens from fresh water. Why don’t people make use of regular water purifiers? Well, they can’t turn seawater into drinkable water with those products. With a desalinator, they can do it, on the other hand. It’s specifically designed to be as compact as possible. The regular pump rate is around 40 strokes per minute. The flow is quite strong as well. The most recognizable thing is the size. It’s quite portable and it’s small enough to carry everywhere.

Survivor 06 is also easy to buy on the internet. Not to mention it’s easy to install. There’s nothing else to compare when it comes to the affordability. This compact item has been recognized worldwide. Even though it has slower flow rate than its sibling, the overall quality isn’t disappointing.

Users can get 1 ounce of fresh water per 2 minutes once the process is passed. When people are on an adventure, they can use this product to overcome their dehydration. Even though there is no clean water around, they can use contaminated or salt water to drink. They only need to use the desalinator to filter the water.

Katadyn Power Survivor 40e

Katadyn Power Survivor 40e desalinator

For those who look for a stronger water flow rate, Power Survivor 40e is a perfect choice. It’s able to produce 1.5 gallons per hour. That’s why it’s sufficient for 2 crew members or more. One thing, it’s not operated manually. It’s operated in 12-volt and 4 amps system. It has separated system components so the users can install it easily. They can even arrange it in tight spaces. The manufacturer provides 3 years warranty for most of the components. This durable and compact water maker becomes the most sophisticated water filter on the market, in fact.

There are many benefits people can get from Power Survivor 40E:

  • First of all, it’s quite simple. It doesn’t have intricate parts like the others do. The simplified construction makes this easy to operate, assemble, and maintain.
  • Not to mention it’s also quite compact. It can be arranged in crannies, nooks, or other tight spaces without hassles.
  • The next benefit is the efficacy. It only takes a few amps and it can run much longer with long power.
  • Another benefit is the durability. It’s made of stainless-steel pressure pump. The manufacturer has built this item to last long, after all. The most noticeable thing about this item is the power system like Base Camp Pro. It uses plug-in power to work. However, people can opt to use it manually.
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