Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter Reviewed and Compared


A study in Rutgers University in New Jersey showed that people take in about the same amount of toxic chemicals from showering as they do from drinking. That’s why it is important for people to install filters in their showers. Such filters that are so often recommended are Aquasana AQ-4100, 4105, 4125 shower filters.

Today, you will look into the features of this brand as compared to the other brands of shower filter. The other brands are:

Jonathan Beauty Water (A), Paragon Water (B), Showerwise (C), and Wellness Filter (D).

Price Comparison

Aquasana shower filters have a price range of $40-60, while Brand A has $95.00, Brand B has $69.99, Brand C has $89, and Brand D has $249.

For the replacement of cartridge and the frequency of replacement, Aquasana costs $42 and is replaced every 6 months. Brand B is also replaced every 6 months at the price of $55. Brands B and C are replaced every three months at % 24.95 and $35 respectively. Brand D is replaced yearly at the price of $189.

Based on this, you are spending roughly $7 per month when you are using Aquasana, which makes it the most affordable as a shower filter. Brand D remains to be the most expensive at $15.75 per month of use.


Using the more expensive brands B and C is actually not worth it, if you consider the capacity of its filter to remove impurities. Both of them can only remove chlorine, and they cannot filter out volatile organic compounds (VOC), lead and trihalomethanes (THMs).

Brand A is the most effective as it can remove 90% of the impurities mentioned above. Aquasana and Brand D both have the same performance, filtering out 90% of chlorine, VOC and THM, but removing only 70% of lead. Nevertheless, if you compare their prices, Aquasana is better to use because it is more affordable for the average consumer.

Apparently, while Brand D performs quite as good as Aquasana, it is not highly recommended by Consumers Digest, most probably due to its price. Brand A is another brand recommended by Consumers


The Aquasana AQ-4100 Pure Shower system installs in seconds and produces chemical free natural healthy water to shower in. This filter removes chlorine and all the other nasty chemicals found in out water.

In addition, the filter enhances the actual PH balance of the water that transforms into the most refreshing shower that can be. I guess, once you have experienced showering under an Aquasana AQ-4100 pure shower filter you will never go back!

The filter is very simple to install and takes only seconds to attach, the actual filter element contains a 2 stage filter cartridge that will last roughly 6 months before a replacement cartridge is required.


As with all products in the Aquasana range the shower filter is covered by a life time warranty against defects and damage and comes with a full replacement guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your purchase.

This particlular shower filter has been tested against the best on the market and was voted product of the year by Cosmetology Today Magazine!

So, if you want to experience the best healthy shower ever and have softer skin & hair, try the Aquasana pure shower filter.


Though not all models and brands were used here for comparison of shower filters, you can gauge with this information what consumers are opting for when buying shower filters. Both the performance and cost are being considered, and the one, which performs better at a more reasonable price, gets more customers.

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