APEC Reverse Osmosis Water Systems: Industrial and Home Needs


APEC Reverse Osmosis Systems


You might notice that in some parts of the world it has become so difficult to get clean waters. Luckily, we can now make our own clean water using the method of reverse osmosis. When it comes to a RO purifier, APEC is definitely at the top of the list. Let us learn more about the APEC reverse osmosis water filters and systems for a better future.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

If you are not still familiar with the term of reverse osmosis, we would like to give you all the details. First, we all know that osmosis is a natural process where liquid of low solute will tend to be attracted toward liquid of high solute. Reverse osmosis would reverse the system, making the high solute liquid travels to the low liquid. Because of that, we are capable of purifying water so that it can be drinkable for many people. Thus, it is a natural process that can be used in our daily life to get clean water.

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APEC RO Water Filter Systems and Its Benefits

When it comes to reverse osmosis devices, APEC is clearly one of the best out there in America (just like such water filtration companies as Crystal Quest and Aquasana). The APEC company itself has been around for about seventeen years and still counting. With a very long experience in the business, you can expect the best results. There are several benefits that you can get from using the APEC water filter.

Here they are:

  • An infinite amount of clean water will always be there at you home waiting for you if you are using the APEC device. That is because one of its main use is to transform undrinkable water into drinkable. Whether you are living in an environmentally contaminated place or just a place of drought like California, APEC water systems will always help you. You can turn dirty water or sea water into drinking water through the use of reverse osmosis. Even if you live in a moderately clean area, you can still use the APEC filter just so you can double protect yourself from potentially polluted water resource.
  • Because you are drinking the cleanest water you can possibly have, you are living healthier for sure. Put your APEC purifier to filter your tap water or the sea water near you into drinking water that is healthy and clean. You can even use the device as a filter for your laundry and bath water. By doing so, you are using the cleanest water to clean your items which prevent negative effects of dirty water such as allergy or skin disease.
  • The best thing of all is, by using the APEC reverse osmosis systems you are saving plenty of money for yourself. According to the website of APEC, using their device equals of saving around a thousand dollars per year on drinking water. Instead of buying water gallons regularly, you just invest on the cheap device and get clean water by yourself for free.

But because there are so many models of the device, which one you should choose? Here are our recommendations:

Under Sink RO Systems RO-90 and ROES 50

APEC RO-90 Undersink RO SystemFor sink filter, we have two products recommendation from APEC. The RO-90 and the ROES 50 reverse osmosis water systems. If we compare the pricing of the two, the ROES 50 is definitely the cheaper one as it is an older model. You can get the ROES 50 for just about two hundred dollars. The RO-90 is slightly more expensive as it is priced around three hundred dollars. Despite so, there is no really special distinction between the two as both of them are top-tier products of APEC.

Both of the products can clearly remove even the smallest inorganic materials and minerals. It will also clean the water from dangerous bacteria. Both products come with lead-free chrome faucets and a year of guarantee. The RO-90 is slightly more advance and we would like to recommend it as it is the top grade filters from APEC.

RO-CTOP – Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

ro-ctop APEC reverse osmosis countertop systemIf the RO-90 is the highest grade five products, RO-CTOP is slightly below as it is a grade four products. Despite so, it provides the basic reverse osmosis function to clean water perfectly. The pricing itself is very reasonable with costing pegged slightly over two hundred dollars. It has the same objectives as the previous ones but it comes in a portable size.

The weight seems to be very light and easy to move. You don’t even have to deal with difficult installing as it is easy to use the model from APEC water filters.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis use of APEC Water Systems

ro-lite commercial APEC reverse osmosisIf you are looking for a massive scale company use of the water systems, we would recommend you getting the RO 200 light commercial or usually known as the APEC Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems. Despite being an industrial reverse osmosis system, the unit itself comes in a standard size.

It is not too big and not too small. You can use it for commercial use as it is suggested or you can use it in your own house. It comes with an easy to install guide with all of the components already installed on it.

The Whole House Reverses Osmosis Water Filter Systems – RO 300

APEC Whole House Reverse Osmosis System RO 300Finally, you might need a bigger RO device for your whole house purposes. The whole house reverse osmosis water filter device with the 300-gallon atmospheric tank are probably one of the most expensive products from APEC. The original device is priced at more than thirteen thousand dollars. Despite being overly expensive, it will be worthy as it brings you so many benefits.

Just like the name, it comes with 300 gallons of the atmospheric tank which are one of the biggest in APEC collection. Certainly just like the previous products, it is highly reliable in getting rid of pollution and contamination of your drinking water.

What makes it different than the others is that this one comes with NEMA 4 fiberglass which is one of the most advanced technology in APEC. Plus the system control switch makes it easier for everyone to operate this product.

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  1. henderson smith says

    I am interested in your countertop 90 gpd five stage reverse osmosis water treatment system. However I will require the following as well

    booster pump (120/240 volts 50 Hz)
    additional pre filter to protect the other filters

    I am interested in de-ionizing the water that passes through the system. I do not require re-mineralization of the water. The water will be used mainly for washing, rinsing and dilution purposes. Water therefore has to be devoid of dissolved solids.

    The purity of water that I require is 0-20 micro Siemens conductivity. Hardness maximum of 3 ppm Calcium.  pH neutral or close to neutral. 90 gpd output. Do you supply an in line conductivity meter for this system on the output flow as I need to monitor conductivity of the water that is being delivered.

    Kindly advise as to the cost of this system. Also I am located in Barbados so I need to know if you can ship to this destination. If you don’t, I do have a Sky Box to which you can ship the unit. I would like to talk to one of your technical representatives if this is possible. Thanks.

    Henderson Allen Smith
    Technical Coordinator
    Essentially Yours

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