APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis RO-CTOP – Small but Powerful

APEC RO-CTOP-C portable reverse osmosis

With RO-CTOP-C – APEC Countertop reverse osmosis system you can drink purified water in places where the installing of an under-sink device is not realistic!

This system is marketed to be “installation-free”. All you need to do is connect it to regular tap in place of the aerator.  As soon as attached, the whole system can rest on the kitchen counter beside the sink.

The tap adapter features a wise style and design – it permits you to change among delivering h2o into the RO system or as regularly over the faucet.  It also includes the waster pipe, to ensure that spend water can run to the sink drain.

Even though the system may seem small in size it may generate as much as 90 gallons daily via four stages of purification. That result is very influenced by the water heat range as well as a force of the supply water.

Purification system eliminates dirt, fibers, corrosion, chlorine, smells, muddiness, colors and typical substances, arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium, germs, infections and others. Pre-stage filtration (phase 1 and 2) must be changed one time every 6-8 months, 3rd and 4th stage filters every 2-3 years. Replacing packages come at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, this product uses a remarkably big productivity, additionally, it is very effective. For every single gallon of purified drinking water produced, only two gallons are lost for flushing the RO membrane.  More efficient compared to typical of three gallons wasted compared to other systems.

A single disadvantage while using APEC RO-CTOP-C system – it doesn’t have a storing container that will supply a tank of purified water.  If the origin h2o force or perhaps the water temperature will be very low, it will take a while in order to fill up a container with filtered drinking water.  Higher water force will certainly gain this product.

Regardless of the restrictions, lots of people provide the RO-CTOP-C top scores for functioning nicely within their residence, hotel, recreational vehicle as well as other locations in which an under-sink method is impossible. Tests demonstrate the countertop system is capable of decrease the TDS by ninety-eight percent from 225ppm to merely 3ppm verifying APEC’s statements. Over 160 Amazon testimonials demonstrate that the organization is trustworthy by its clients.

Style and Design

The APEC RO-CTOP-C unit is compact! Together with the filters, comprising the RO membrane, trimmed with a rear plate, all encased in a protect. You will find there’s one hose pipe which dispenses your purified h2o plus a dual hose pipe that connects to the tap for supply water and spent water.

The stage one and two filtrations, which require replacement around every six months based on the excellence of the supply water, are usually self-contained. The only thing that must be completed will be to take off the pipes using the push fit connections, get out your outdated filter and clip in the fresh filter. After that connect again the hose pipes and filter replacement is done.

The stage four filter, which usually requires replacing somewhere between 2 and 5 years of good use can be changed identically as the 1st and 2nd phase filters with the exception that a push fit plug includes a locking clip that has to be taken out initially.


Amazingly, this system is far more productive compared to a lot of bigger under-sink systems. To generate one gallon of filtered water, only two gallons of water can be lost. This compares quite nicely to the typical three gallons of spend water upon a lot of mounted installment systems.

Quick and Easy Installation

The APEC RO-CTOP-C reverse osmosis system may be set up on to a sink using an aerator within minutes. The unit features an array of plugs making it match to many different faucets.  The aerator needs to be unscrewed, if it’s been there for a while or perhaps has been over-tightened whenever it was initially set up, you may want to utilize big pliers to release it.

Once the aerator has been taken out, screw in an adapter (if required), after that connect the plug valve towards the tap. Turn the faucet to utmost and open up the supply valve.

Soon water will begin to emerge from the system outlet water pipe. Permit water running for around 15 minutes to flush the unit. Water will then be ready-to-drink.

In the event the water is rather cool, just a little warm water may be put into to ensure it is warmer a bit (however, not very hot). Warmer water will raise the system productivity.


  • A portable system which is fast to set up as well as simple to transport
  • 90 gallons of filtered water created daily is among the greatest of a typical system we suggest
  • 2 gallons of lost water for each 1 gallon of filtered water much less compared to regular
  • Weighs merely seven pounds.
  • Eliminates as much as 99% of pollutants
  • The U.S. centered tech support is totally free for the duration of the item
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Manufactured in the United States


  • No storing container for on-demand water
  • Even with good h2o force, usually, it takes some time in order to fill up a sizable bottle
  • Doesn’t work together with all of the tap kinds
  • Filter replacements take a lot more work than others


The APEC RO-CTOP-C reverse osmosis system is a good option for individuals who live in leased accommodations, are usually learners, or are vacationers – it enables these people to get filtered water anywhere they may be. The unit may be setup and will generate pure, water that is clean within minutes.  Whenever you should move this, simply switch the initial faucet aerator and there isn’t any indication that this system was actually there.

The sole downside of using this system is that there’s no storage water tank, however nevertheless it’s a good choice when you need clean drinking water at a nonpermanent set up.

About APEC Company

APEC or Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. water systems is one of the top suppliers of non-commercial RO water filtration system units in America. Each of the organization’s goods is NSF certified, BPA-free which is made in the U.S. Business has more than twenty years of  experience working on the water filtration market.

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