Best Reverse Osmosis System & Filter Brands Review

RO Water Filters and Purifiers

Learn why RO water purification is so popular today and which reverse osmosis systems are among the best…

Is your water filter working very slowly or you are not sure about its quality? If so, it is time to trade for a new RO water purifier unit that is faithful. Today, smart machines come in plentiful varieties and boast of abundant features, quieter operation, great capacity and energy efficiency, proving as the best reverse osmosis systems.

The times have gone of the past days when water was boiled and cooled to drink; nowadays there is lot of comfort and convenience. Going through the online stores or the local stores, you will find plenty of product catalogs, but one name has an upper stand and that is Reverse Osmosis Purifiers.

Why Go For Sophisticated Filters?

Reverse osmosis water filtering is a process of water treatment that compels water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane featuring small pores. In this process, the impurities get blocked and only the clean water passes, thus flushing away the unwanted.

RO Pore Micron Diagram

RO system is regarded as some of the best home water filters, though it is well known to be extensively used in the industrial processes. This water purification reduces dissolved minerals to a very great extent. It treats the water successfully with dissolved minerals such as calcium, sulfate, nitrate, potassium, aluminum, bicarbonate, manganese, fluoride, boron and silica, besides treating the high salt content. The RO is effective on color, taste and odor producing chemicals, specific pesticides and organic contaminants.

RO Water Filtering Process

The reverse osmosis system is about filtering such that the liquid goes through filtering in multiple steps and purification. Thus, you have clean very good water, free of contaminants. The filter has three parts, namely, the pre-filtration stage, the holding tank and the reverse osmosis membrane.

how RO water purification works

  • Pre-Filtration

This is the initial stage in the purification process and it is here the impurities and the largest contaminating particulates are removed. It prepares the fluid to undergo the reverse osmosis water filters rest of the process. The pre-filter, in most systems is an activated carbon filter that should be replaced periodically so that the filtering system is working in proper condition.

  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The second stage used by the purified filters in this process is to clean and make the drinking fluid pure. In this stage, all the remaining contaminants and impurities are removed by the fine membrane that is the pre-filtered liquid passing through. This membrane is really fine that the liquid passes through pressure ascertaining the water is purified and is a clean fluid. The contaminants and its impurities are removed and flushed as waste water out, if any.

  • Holding Tank

This purified liquid is held in the tank until it is used for cooking or drinking. This holding tank is one of the crucial parts of the reverse osmosis purified filters system. This is because the entire process is time consuming and so keeping with normal flow implies requiring a busy kitchen faucet.


Having filtered drinking fluid stored in several gallons becomes essential so that it is readily available for use at all times. So, prior to deciding on the water filtering system type for your household or home purpose, settle for the quality of fluid by testing the water using water test kits. This will give you the overall quality of your fluid and its concentrations of contaminants present. Thus it helps you in determining the best suitable unit for your home.

Another important consideration with such systems is the ready fluid availability for use with reverse osmosis water filters. There is a negative aspect of such powerful system and that is liquid is required to a great deal such as 3-5 gallons fluid is required to get 1 gallon of purified water and the balance gets flushed as waste fluid out of the system. This may vary however as some units are supplied with a non-adjustable flow restrictor, which is frequently wasting much more than needed, particularly during the winter. Although, some have an adjustable restrictor.

Best Reverse Osmosis System Brands

The osmosis units are gaining popularity and are now available as house water filtering systems and as under sink reverse osmosis units. Here are some brands selling RO systems today:


Aquasana offers high and long lasting performance units. Consumers Digest has tagged Aquasana water filtration as one of the best among its kind. However, do you know why this label has been a part of the brand name? For over seven years, the company Sun Water Systems, Inc. that manufactures Aquasana, has remained to be on top in the United States when it comes to home water filtration.

They have the latest technology in filtering water and they lead in the industry of home water filters. It has whole house systems, salt-free water softener, basic under-the-sink and countertop filtration systems, shower filter, and offers a pro grade install kit so that you can upgrade the components. See the whole products line click here.

All Aquasana filtration products carry a National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certificate due to its high performance, but its makers are not satisfied with just meeting the standards of the industry and the government. That is why they were able to manufacture products that are more than simple water filters.

According to most users, they are satisfied with its performance because apart from its affordability, it is also easy to install, and it does not require much replacement of the cartridge (they replace it twice a year, every six months).

Continue reading our full review of Aquasana water filters.

Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Crystal Quest uses the latest technology and provides one of the most effective, high capacity, great tasting and healthiest Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration systems in today market at affordable prices.

Their best ro water systems are offered at 12-17 stages – the number varying with model. RO systems generate up to 100 gallons of highest quality water each day, eliminate up to 99.9% of unwanted pollutants, and filter 1/1000 of a micron elements by forcing untreated water through a semi-permeable membrane.

The cartridges must be replaced with 100 to 500 gallons each time. Read our full guide to Crystal Quest water filters.

APEC Water

APEC Reverse Osmosis Systems

APEC is one of the leading companies of domestic reverse-osmosis drinking water filtration systems in the United States based in California. They are proud of shipping products worldwide to treat all kinds of water contamination.

APEC is one of the last RO filters makers whose membranes and primary filters are all manufactured in the United States. Same as Crystal Quest, APEC is manufacturing not only systems for home use but commercial reverse osmosis water systems also, perfect for offices, schools, laboratories, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops…

Read more about APEC RO systems.


Katadyn Water Filters

Katadyn filters are lightweight and easy for trekking and camping. It is mostly for all-around use and is ideal for 1-2 persons and lightly turbid water.

Based in Switzerland, Katadyn has been making water treatment products since 1928.  Their products are widely used by outdoor enthusiasts, health organizations, special army units and the humanitarian relief community.

Water filtration system is based on a discovery by professor Alexander Krause of Munich that electrolysis could deposit silver ions in water, which would remove bacteria from the water.

Manufacturer sells 3 types of products: water filters, water purification tablets (under the Micropur brand) and desalinators.   Their water filter products include expedition-scale equipments all the way down to ultra-light personal filtration products.

The company is the world’s number one producer of personal water filtration and purification systems.  They are also involved in municipal and industrial water treatment.

Learn more about Katadyn portable filters and desalinators.


Berkey Water Filters

This is a suitable alternative to reverse osmosis filters. It removes contaminants, toxic chemicals and offers a clean fluid. It does not consume much electricity as it is gravity fed. Moreover it is portable and so clean drinking water is assured any time.

Our Berkey water filters review…(coming soon)

American Water Filter is a member of BelKraft Group of Companies and have been in design and development of water treatment for 40 years. They developed a remineralizing RO system. It took them 5 years to perfect but now they have a quality 6, 7 or even a 15 stage mineral RO systems built with 100% american made parts and cartridges.

Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis

Hydrotech offers latest technology that is reliable. The filtration systems of the water are innovative and good.

Ispring Reverse Osmosis (Ispring 75gpd)

Ispring company’s products are good for gradient sediment filter.

Watts Premier Filters

The Watts premier filters are also offering some of the best treatment in water and the technology is effective.

Shopping Tips

Here are the things to consider in most cases:

Look for convenience

Water filter score well for purity and ease of use, provided you have good water supply at all times. Consider different priced models and the holding tubs quality.

Check the controls

Some models may feature latest system of controls and so consider buying the one that is your style and is comfortable in use. These models come with light or display indicating purification process or completion.

Watch the dimensions

The width and depth of every water filter unit is intended for the right purpose. Yet consider the height so that you do not pose installation challenge. It is best to measure space so that the adjustment is perfect. Prior to settling on a model, check the available space and buy.

So, what do you get buying reverse osmosis water purifier unit?

Well, some larger units that refer to best ro water systems are ideal to address specific problems, such as sediment content or high salt. This may be suitable for brackish wells.

There are new systems that are very useful to homeowners having a public waterline. It is an unnecessary step and an expensive one for homeowners. However, now an absolute necessity is to have home purifiers if they have a public treatment facility, though reverse osmosis water unit for purification may be an expensive choice.

RO is recommended to address various issues such as cyst removal, lead reduction and lots more that people do not mind paying more for higher and reliable quality. The advantage is the best reverse osmosis water filters.

More Tips


  • Aside from performance consider different types that you need its costs and features. The price should be in your budget and do not compromise with glitz and performance for convenience features.
  • Consider the model of water filter to buy only after you do the water analysis test using the kit. This enables you to understand the right choice of filter so that the reverse osmosis water filters serve the right purpose. Even delaying a bit before arriving at a decision is better, than opting for a wrong choice.
  • Go through customer feedback reviews to have a fair idea of the unit. The better you understand the reverse osmosis process and the way it affects the process or the fluids, the more you can make an informed and wise decision.
  • RO purification makes definitely a perfect choice, in case you are much concerned about the contaminants elimination such as heavy metals and chemicals, besides you wish the extra assurance of having filtered water from the tap.
  • Certainly, best reverse osmosis system gives you the advantage of having a three-tiered filtration that no contaminants can penetrate. However, with this you have to know the con that tap water with every liter gets wasted in the process of filtration.
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