APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis RO-CTOP – Small but Powerful

APEC RO-CTOP-C portable reverse osmosis

With RO-CTOP-C – APEC Countertop reverse osmosis system you can drink purified water in places where the installing of an under-sink device is not realistic!

This system is marketed to be “installation-free”. All you need to do is connect it to regular tap in place of the aerator.  As soon as attached, the whole system can rest on the kitchen counter beside the sink.

The tap adapter features a wise style and design – it permits you to change among delivering h2o into the RO system or as regularly over the faucet.  It also includes the waster pipe, to ensure that spend water can run to the sink drain.

Even though the system may seem small in size it may generate as much as 90 gallons daily via four stages of purification. That result is very influenced by the water heat range as well as a force of the supply water.

Purification system eliminates dirt, fibers, corrosion, chlorine, smells, muddiness, colors and typical substances, arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium, germs, infections and others. Pre-stage filtration (phase 1 and 2) must be changed one time every 6-8 months, 3rd and 4th stage filters every 2-3 years. Replacing packages come at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, this product uses a remarkably big productivity, additionally, it is very effective. For every single gallon of purified drinking water produced, only two gallons are lost for flushing the RO membrane.  More efficient compared to typical of three gallons wasted compared to other systems.

A single disadvantage while using APEC RO-CTOP-C system – it doesn’t have a storing container that will supply a tank of purified water.  If the origin h2o force or perhaps the water temperature will be very low, it will take a while in order to fill up a container with filtered drinking water.  Higher water force will certainly gain this product.

Regardless of the restrictions, lots of people provide the RO-CTOP-C top scores for functioning nicely within their residence, hotel, recreational vehicle as well as other locations in which an under-sink method is impossible. Tests demonstrate the countertop system is capable of decrease the TDS by ninety-eight percent from 225ppm to merely 3ppm verifying APEC’s statements. Over 160 Amazon testimonials demonstrate that the organization is trustworthy by its clients.

Style and Design

The APEC RO-CTOP-C unit is compact! Together with the filters, comprising the RO membrane, trimmed with a rear plate, all encased in a protect. You will find there’s one hose pipe which dispenses your purified h2o plus a dual hose pipe that connects to the tap for supply water and spent water.

The stage one and two filtrations, which require replacement around every six months based on the excellence of the supply water, are usually self-contained. The only thing that must be completed will be to take off the pipes using the push fit connections, get out your outdated filter and clip in the fresh filter. After that connect again the hose pipes and filter replacement is done.

The stage four filter, which usually requires replacing somewhere between 2 and 5 years of good use can be changed identically as the 1st and 2nd phase filters with the exception that a push fit plug includes a locking clip that has to be taken out initially.


Amazingly, this system is far more productive compared to a lot of bigger under-sink systems. To generate one gallon of filtered water, only two gallons of water can be lost. This compares quite nicely to the typical three gallons of spend water upon a lot of mounted installment systems.

Quick and Easy Installation

The APEC RO-CTOP-C reverse osmosis system may be set up on to a sink using an aerator within minutes. The unit features an array of plugs making it match to many different faucets.  The aerator needs to be unscrewed, if it’s been there for a while or perhaps has been over-tightened whenever it was initially set up, you may want to utilize big pliers to release it.

Once the aerator has been taken out, screw in an adapter (if required), after that connect the plug valve towards the tap. Turn the faucet to utmost and open up the supply valve.

Soon water will begin to emerge from the system outlet water pipe. Permit water running for around 15 minutes to flush the unit. Water will then be ready-to-drink.

In the event the water is rather cool, just a little warm water may be put into to ensure it is warmer a bit (however, not very hot). Warmer water will raise the system productivity.


  • A portable system which is fast to set up as well as simple to transport
  • 90 gallons of filtered water created daily is among the greatest of a typical system we suggest
  • 2 gallons of lost water for each 1 gallon of filtered water much less compared to regular
  • Weighs merely seven pounds.
  • Eliminates as much as 99% of pollutants
  • The U.S. centered tech support is totally free for the duration of the item
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Manufactured in the United States


  • No storing container for on-demand water
  • Even with good h2o force, usually, it takes some time in order to fill up a sizable bottle
  • Doesn’t work together with all of the tap kinds
  • Filter replacements take a lot more work than others


The APEC RO-CTOP-C reverse osmosis system is a good option for individuals who live in leased accommodations, are usually learners, or are vacationers – it enables these people to get filtered water anywhere they may be. The unit may be setup and will generate pure, water that is clean within minutes.  Whenever you should move this, simply switch the initial faucet aerator and there isn’t any indication that this system was actually there.

The sole downside of using this system is that there’s no storage water tank, however nevertheless it’s a good choice when you need clean drinking water at a nonpermanent set up.

About APEC Company

APEC or Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. water systems is one of the top suppliers of non-commercial RO water filtration system units in America. Each of the organization’s goods is NSF certified, BPA-free which is made in the U.S. Business has more than twenty years of  experience working on the water filtration market.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter Reviewed and Compared


A study in Rutgers University in New Jersey showed that people take in about the same amount of toxic chemicals from showering as they do from drinking. That’s why it is important for people to install filters in their showers. Such filters that are so often recommended are Aquasana AQ-4100, 4105, 4125 shower filters.

Today, you will look into the features of this brand as compared to the other brands of shower filter. The other brands are:

Jonathan Beauty Water (A), Paragon Water (B), Showerwise (C), and Wellness Filter (D).

Price Comparison

Aquasana shower filters have a price range of $40-60, while Brand A has $95.00, Brand B has $69.99, Brand C has $89, and Brand D has $249.

For the replacement of cartridge and the frequency of replacement, Aquasana costs $42 and is replaced every 6 months. Brand B is also replaced every 6 months at the price of $55. Brands B and C are replaced every three months at % 24.95 and $35 respectively. Brand D is replaced yearly at the price of $189.

Based on this, you are spending roughly $7 per month when you are using Aquasana, which makes it the most affordable as a shower filter. Brand D remains to be the most expensive at $15.75 per month of use.


Using the more expensive brands B and C is actually not worth it, if you consider the capacity of its filter to remove impurities. Both of them can only remove chlorine, and they cannot filter out volatile organic compounds (VOC), lead and trihalomethanes (THMs).

Brand A is the most effective as it can remove 90% of the impurities mentioned above. Aquasana and Brand D both have the same performance, filtering out 90% of chlorine, VOC and THM, but removing only 70% of lead. Nevertheless, if you compare their prices, Aquasana is better to use because it is more affordable for the average consumer.

Apparently, while Brand D performs quite as good as Aquasana, it is not highly recommended by Consumers Digest, most probably due to its price. Brand A is another brand recommended by Consumers


The Aquasana AQ-4100 Pure Shower system installs in seconds and produces chemical free natural healthy water to shower in. This filter removes chlorine and all the other nasty chemicals found in out water.

In addition, the filter enhances the actual PH balance of the water that transforms into the most refreshing shower that can be. I guess, once you have experienced showering under an Aquasana AQ-4100 pure shower filter you will never go back!

The filter is very simple to install and takes only seconds to attach, the actual filter element contains a 2 stage filter cartridge that will last roughly 6 months before a replacement cartridge is required.


As with all products in the Aquasana range the shower filter is covered by a life time warranty against defects and damage and comes with a full replacement guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your purchase.

This particlular shower filter has been tested against the best on the market and was voted product of the year by Cosmetology Today Magazine!

So, if you want to experience the best healthy shower ever and have softer skin & hair, try the Aquasana pure shower filter.


Though not all models and brands were used here for comparison of shower filters, you can gauge with this information what consumers are opting for when buying shower filters. Both the performance and cost are being considered, and the one, which performs better at a more reasonable price, gets more customers.

Aquasana Shower Filters Filter 90%+ Chlorine for Softer Skin & Healthier Hair. Shop Now!


Reliable Katadyn Water Filters and Desalinators on the Market

Katadyn Water FiltersToday, people become more aware of clean drinking water. That means they will take advantage of some products like a Katadyn water filter and desalinators to get better water quality. Who is this company?

Katadyn is a market leader for water filtration products and systems. The company is based in Switzerland. They produce both personal and portable water treatment products. Their systems are useful for both marine and outdoor industries, actually. The customers can take many benefits of using products produced by such company.

Why Katadyn?

First of all, the company is quite reliable. They have manufactured many outstanding and useful water filtrations for customers worldwide. They have the principle to develop many types of water filters that are easy to carry. With their products, people are able to get clean and safe drinking water in any places around the globe. Not to mention these items are helpful in remote corners, too.

Perhaps they have the most efficient water filtration systems (together with US brands like Aquasana, Crystal Quest) when compared to the others. The fact is that they always put a high standard of quality when producing those things. Later, there are some items reviewed in this article.

Regardless the items and models, whether hiker pro, pocket or desalinator, people can use them without hassles. They are easy to operate and reliable. Due to the excellence of their products, many international organizations rely on them.

Katadyn has become a superior manufacturer when it comes to water filtration systems. These are 3 most popular reverse osmosis desalinators they have produced. Which one is the best? Each of these items is quite unique. That’s why people have a different choice regarding their preferences.

Katadyn Survivor 35

Katadyn Survivor 35 desalinator

Well, it’s the most popular emergency desalinator on the marketplace. It’s able to produce at least 4.5 liters each hour. This item produces enough water for people. Most of the users are military forces, adventurers, sea kayaks, voyagers, US citizens, and many more. The thing is people always need clean water to drink when they adventure. There is water everywhere on the sea. However, people can drink it. With Survivor 35, they get fresh water regardless the time and place. The aim is to prevent dehydration when it comes to adventuring.

This item is also lightweight. That means it’s compact to carry. Many people take advantage of this item for emergency purposes. Not to mention it’s quite recommended as one of personal survival kits. Buyers can also buy the RO systems as these are available.

There are no generators, batteries, or alternators needed. Survivor 35 uses the technology that produces drinkable, pure, and safe water from contaminated water. It can also turn salt water into fresh one. The process only takes a few minutes. Users only need to pump it with a high pressure in. Overall, it’s easy to use for different occasions. The weight is only 2.5 pounds. That’s why it’s quite easy to carry as a pocket filter.

Katadyn Survivor 06

Katadyn Survivor 06 desalinator

The next item is Survivor 06. What’s good about it? Many people often use the item to either purify or filter water. It can eradicate chemicals and pathogens from fresh water. Why don’t people make use of regular water purifiers? Well, they can’t turn seawater into drinkable water with those products. With a desalinator, they can do it, on the other hand. It’s specifically designed to be as compact as possible. The regular pump rate is around 40 strokes per minute. The flow is quite strong as well. The most recognizable thing is the size. It’s quite portable and it’s small enough to carry everywhere.

Survivor 06 is also easy to buy on the internet. Not to mention it’s easy to install. There’s nothing else to compare when it comes to the affordability. This compact item has been recognized worldwide. Even though it has slower flow rate than its sibling, the overall quality isn’t disappointing.

Users can get 1 ounce of fresh water per 2 minutes once the process is passed. When people are on an adventure, they can use this product to overcome their dehydration. Even though there is no clean water around, they can use contaminated or salt water to drink. They only need to use the desalinator to filter the water.

Katadyn Power Survivor 40e

Katadyn Power Survivor 40e desalinator

For those who look for a stronger water flow rate, Power Survivor 40e is a perfect choice. It’s able to produce 1.5 gallons per hour. That’s why it’s sufficient for 2 crew members or more. One thing, it’s not operated manually. It’s operated in 12-volt and 4 amps system. It has separated system components so the users can install it easily. They can even arrange it in tight spaces. The manufacturer provides 3 years warranty for most of the components. This durable and compact water maker becomes the most sophisticated water filter on the market, in fact.

There are many benefits people can get from Power Survivor 40E:

  • First of all, it’s quite simple. It doesn’t have intricate parts like the others do. The simplified construction makes this easy to operate, assemble, and maintain.
  • Not to mention it’s also quite compact. It can be arranged in crannies, nooks, or other tight spaces without hassles.
  • The next benefit is the efficacy. It only takes a few amps and it can run much longer with long power.
  • Another benefit is the durability. It’s made of stainless-steel pressure pump. The manufacturer has built this item to last long, after all. The most noticeable thing about this item is the power system like Base Camp Pro. It uses plug-in power to work. However, people can opt to use it manually.

APEC Reverse Osmosis Water Systems: Industrial and Home Needs


APEC Reverse Osmosis Systems


You might notice that in some parts of the world it has become so difficult to get clean waters. Luckily, we can now make our own clean water using the method of reverse osmosis. When it comes to a RO purifier, APEC is definitely at the top of the list. Let us learn more about the APEC reverse osmosis water filters and systems for a better future.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

If you are not still familiar with the term of reverse osmosis, we would like to give you all the details. First, we all know that osmosis is a natural process where liquid of low solute will tend to be attracted toward liquid of high solute. Reverse osmosis would reverse the system, making the high solute liquid travels to the low liquid. Because of that, we are capable of purifying water so that it can be drinkable for many people. Thus, it is a natural process that can be used in our daily life to get clean water.

reverse osmosis filtration


APEC RO Water Filter Systems and Its Benefits

When it comes to reverse osmosis devices, APEC is clearly one of the best out there in America (just like such water filtration companies as Crystal Quest and Aquasana). The APEC company itself has been around for about seventeen years and still counting. With a very long experience in the business, you can expect the best results. There are several benefits that you can get from using the APEC water filter.

Here they are:

  • An infinite amount of clean water will always be there at you home waiting for you if you are using the APEC device. That is because one of its main use is to transform undrinkable water into drinkable. Whether you are living in an environmentally contaminated place or just a place of drought like California, APEC water systems will always help you. You can turn dirty water or sea water into drinking water through the use of reverse osmosis. Even if you live in a moderately clean area, you can still use the APEC filter just so you can double protect yourself from potentially polluted water resource.
  • Because you are drinking the cleanest water you can possibly have, you are living healthier for sure. Put your APEC purifier to filter your tap water or the sea water near you into drinking water that is healthy and clean. You can even use the device as a filter for your laundry and bath water. By doing so, you are using the cleanest water to clean your items which prevent negative effects of dirty water such as allergy or skin disease.
  • The best thing of all is, by using the APEC reverse osmosis systems you are saving plenty of money for yourself. According to the website of APEC, using their device equals of saving around a thousand dollars per year on drinking water. Instead of buying water gallons regularly, you just invest on the cheap device and get clean water by yourself for free.

But because there are so many models of the device, which one you should choose? Here are our recommendations:

Under Sink RO Systems RO-90 and ROES 50

APEC RO-90 Undersink RO SystemFor sink filter, we have two products recommendation from APEC. The RO-90 and the ROES 50 reverse osmosis water systems. If we compare the pricing of the two, the ROES 50 is definitely the cheaper one as it is an older model. You can get the ROES 50 for just about two hundred dollars. The RO-90 is slightly more expensive as it is priced around three hundred dollars. Despite so, there is no really special distinction between the two as both of them are top-tier products of APEC.

Both of the products can clearly remove even the smallest inorganic materials and minerals. It will also clean the water from dangerous bacteria. Both products come with lead-free chrome faucets and a year of guarantee. The RO-90 is slightly more advance and we would like to recommend it as it is the top grade filters from APEC.

RO-CTOP – Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

ro-ctop APEC reverse osmosis countertop systemIf the RO-90 is the highest grade five products, RO-CTOP is slightly below as it is a grade four products. Despite so, it provides the basic reverse osmosis function to clean water perfectly. The pricing itself is very reasonable with costing pegged slightly over two hundred dollars. It has the same objectives as the previous ones but it comes in a portable size.

The weight seems to be very light and easy to move. You don’t even have to deal with difficult installing as it is easy to use the model from APEC water filters.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis use of APEC Water Systems

ro-lite commercial APEC reverse osmosisIf you are looking for a massive scale company use of the water systems, we would recommend you getting the RO 200 light commercial or usually known as the APEC Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems. Despite being an industrial reverse osmosis system, the unit itself comes in a standard size.

It is not too big and not too small. You can use it for commercial use as it is suggested or you can use it in your own house. It comes with an easy to install guide with all of the components already installed on it.

The Whole House Reverses Osmosis Water Filter Systems – RO 300

APEC Whole House Reverse Osmosis System RO 300Finally, you might need a bigger RO device for your whole house purposes. The whole house reverse osmosis water filter device with the 300-gallon atmospheric tank are probably one of the most expensive products from APEC. The original device is priced at more than thirteen thousand dollars. Despite being overly expensive, it will be worthy as it brings you so many benefits.

Just like the name, it comes with 300 gallons of the atmospheric tank which are one of the biggest in APEC collection. Certainly just like the previous products, it is highly reliable in getting rid of pollution and contamination of your drinking water.

What makes it different than the others is that this one comes with NEMA 4 fiberglass which is one of the most advanced technology in APEC. Plus the system control switch makes it easier for everyone to operate this product.

Aquasana Water Filter Reviews – RO and Non-RO Systems

Aquasana home water filters review

When it comes to the matter of water, you would want something that can work perfectly well, especially if you are going to use the water for drinking or, perhaps, you need something for bathing.  Aquasana water filters are a standout amongst the most flexible and far-reaching arrangements available.

While the forthright cost is a little on the pricier side, it more than pays for itself as time goes on. Not just are the products economical to supplant, they keep going quite a while. The filtration framework itself is additional to a great degree solid and tried and true, so you would have no need to worry about whether it is going to work properly or not.

Why We Can Trust Aquasana Water Filter Systems?

Aquasana delivers the quality that you can trust because the company understands the importance of making sure that the filtration system is as effective as possible because this is a matter that could potentially affect a whole family’s wellbeing. Every framework accompanies various extra elements like a UV channel and a sub-micron post-channel. Still, Aquasana is a brand that has been going for quite a while, so you would be able to find a number of its products on the market.

Different products may be created for different purposes, so it is important for you to make sure that you know what you need first so you would be able to purchase a water filter system that can work best to fulfill your needs. You additionally need to do a certain amount of research upon the available Aquasana water filter framework options to learn about their main advantages and disadvantages as well as what they are designed to achieve.

The Review of Different Types of Aquasana Water Filters


AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Filter: Might be one of the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems for Home Use

AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride FilterIf you are looking for something that would allow you to consume water that tastes natural easily, then you may want to consider purchasing the Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O reverse osmosis fluoride system. The Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O is minimal under sink home RO unit that will create around thirty-six gallons of unadulterated water every day. The real measure of water that will be separated every day is, similar to other RO units, reliant on the bay water weight and the temperature of the water.

Still, this product could be worth purchasing if you are sensitive to other tastes of water, and this filtration system is perfectly capable of delivering wonderfully clean results. Some may wonder about the short filtration system of the Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O and some would think that with the shorter filtration system, filter would not be as effective as other types of RO water filters for home. But this is not the case at all. What would usually need around seven steps to filter can now be shortened into merely three steps, and this is a huge leap forward in the innovation of RO filtration water system.


Whole House Water Filter Million-Gallon Rhino Eq-1000

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of the reverse osmosis model due to some reason, then you would want to read up on the product of Aquasana whole house water filter system. The Million-gallon Rhino Eq-1000 model is one of the most popular in the whole Aquasana water filter line. Aquasana’s entire house water channel frameworks can be altered for your source water. They are NSF guaranteed to decrease ninety-seven percent of the chlorine from your water for under fifty pennies a day.

By lessening the greater part of the chlorine from the point where it enters your home, dangerous residue, and unstable natural chemicals are fundamentally decreased or wiped out.

Subsequent to these framework utilizes specific filtration, the upgraded pH equalization of the water might enhance the surface of your skin and hair. This filtration system is so popular because it is capable of eradicating all the unwanted elements in the water while still keeping the important minerals, so this is perfect for those who are health-conscious.

Aquasana AQ 4000 Countertop Filter

If what you need is a countertop water filter, then you would be glad to know that Aquasana also has a product designed just for that.  Aquasana AQ-4000W countertop water filter has the fortified lodging, simple to change cartridges, and new diverter. The product is more reasonable than pitcher channels. It likewise successfully sifts through those contaminants from your faucet water. Introducing the counter water channel can be effortlessly done in minutes. The unit appends with no trouble to your current tap.

While the Aquasana water channel evacuates water contaminants, it is additionally proficient in holding those sound minerals that your body requirements for better hydration. All in all, this is the perfect choice if you want a healthier and cheaper option that would eliminate the need to purchase pricey bottled water.

AQ 5300 Under Counter Water Filter

Aquasana AQ-5300 Under Counter Water FilterIf instead of a countertop water filter you need an under counter one, then you would want to consider purchasing the Aquasana AQ-5300. The framework has a twenty-five quicker stream rate, which furnishes you with sound and additionally delectable water. It can dispense with sixty-one polluting influences, including ninety-percent of chlorine alongside ninety-percent of chloramines. The execution marker on the framework will let you know when to change the channel. All in all, this is the perfect under counter choice.

AQ 4100 Shower Filter

If what you need is something that can clean the water in the shower for you, then Aquasana shower filter should be able to fulfill your needs. Namely, the Aquasana AQ-4100 is one of the best in the business. It utilizes an ingenious filtration system to kill chlorine, substantial metals and an assortment of unpredictable natural chemicals and contaminants. It additionally mollifies the water and upgrades the water’s pH. For the individuals who can’t stand to introduce a whole home framework, this channel refines your shower water and it does as such without giving up water weight or changing the stature of your showerhead. This is something that you can afford to install without much hassle.



Can We Trust Crystal Quest Water Filters?

Crystal Quest Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Living a good life is related to the healthy body. Water is important for surviving, in fact. We should make sure the quality of the water that we drink too. In this case, installing Crystal Quest reverse osmosis water filters are a good idea to increase the purity of water that we consume.

Why should we trust this Crystal Quest water filters?

Well, the company has been in this industry for at least 30 years. They provide high-quality, efficient, and healthiest water at the best price. We can buy various products offered by this company and all of them are easy to use, appealing, and easy to install.

Why Consider a Quest water filtration product?

By using the best water filter, we can take advantage of the latest technologies that can remove all harmful chemicals and contaminants of the water we drink daily. The product is quite sturdy and it has an excellent design too. It means that we will get an affordable Crystal Quest system with efficient filtering. With more than 3 decades of expertise, the company has worked us to provide one of the best RO system for us. We can pick a particular RO water system based on our preferences. Do not worry. They have many options that may satisfy our need.

Crystal Quest Water Filters Review

Under Sink RO Filters

Crystal Quest 13-stage RO Undersink SystemWith only $129 to $169, we can buy Crystal Quest under sink reverse osmosis filter. The water will go through seven phases of filtration. The water filters will eradicate the impurities our tap water has. Thus, we can get the best pureness and taste from them. Briefly, they are good for any household. Not to mention the installation and user face are not intricate at all. The design is simple and attractive. In addition, the filtering system is very efficient as it can remove almost all toxins from water. These items include the latest technologies that have the best capabilities of filtering as well.

As the name implies, we can simply mount them under the sink. They come with an appealing faucet and all hardware required for the installation. We can install them either for our house or apartment. Some of us may choose to fit these great items for their office, though. Sometimes we need to hire an expert when it comes to installing the under sink water filters. How much power can we get? The maximum operating pressure is 60 pounds/sq.in. The max flow rate of these filters is 0.5 gallons/minute.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Systems

Crystal Quest Countertop Reverse OsmosisThe company also provides a great product called 10 stages Crystal Quest countertop reverse osmosis system. This one is quite popular on the market. It may provide us with 50 gallons of water in a daily basis. Needless to say, the water is free from contaminants too. We don’t even need to involve plumbing to fit this RO system into our sink faucet. Those who live either in flats or homes can make use the best of the product. In fact, we can use it in an RV and motels. Portable and countertop RO system are the best choices for us who travel a lot. The product comes with important hardware we need to fit it up on the faucet.

The system works well as it includes 10 phases of purification. It means that we can consume healthier water due to the result of impurities removals. The water will pass through the high-quality carbon in both the 2nd and 9th phase. The purpose is to filter our harmful particles including pesticides, chlorine, and many other contaminants. There’s the inorganic chemicals removal when the water passes through the 4th stage of filtering. For the heavy metals removal, the 6th and 7th stage will do the job. After all, we can simply read the guides and instruction regarding how the filter works. And the price is great too? It costs us $143.

Whole House RO System

CRYSTAL QUEST Whole House 500 GPD Reverse Osmosis SystemIf we want a thorough quality of pure water, we can take advantage of Crystal Quest whole house water filter. We have three options such as full-size, medium, and compact. The price tag is around $500-$3000. The best recommendation is the automatic RO system. We can choose two major favorite models such as 02103 and 02102. They have the prime difference in the terms of tank material. The first one uses solid stainless steel while the second one uses fiberglass tank. Aside from that, they both offer similar functions and quality.

The whole house RO systems can be the best at removing almost all contaminants including cyst, rust, sediment, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and others. Not to mention they are also helpful for removing solid pollutants including mercury.

What customers love the best about these products is their quality of filtration. We can change the filters without hassles too. The overall capacity is up to 350K gallons for an approximate use of 3 years or more. However, we need to hire a professional when it is about the installation. The systems are quite intricate to setup, actually.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

CRYSTAL QUEST® 2,500 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis SystemThere’s a significant question. Can we only use the system for residential purposes only? Crystal Quest commercial reverse osmosis system is also available. It’s specially manufactured and designed for different industrial purposes such as pharmaceuticals, restaurants, chemical mixing, and many others.

The product will be assembled and sent to us so we can avoid the hassles of the installation. This unit has undergone a thorough test regarding both the performance and quality.

For the commercial purposes, an industrial reverse osmosis system with the best quality is always demanding. The best choice is the 200 GDP. It has reliable function and appealing design so we will not get disappointed with its quality. This unit provides a good continuous and high output of healthy water.

Overall, we can use it for different industries like restaurants and many others commercial places. We do not need to get troubled with the installation as it’s already arranged. In a nutshell, we should buy this one when we need to include a high-quality RO system for our business. We should not risk our customers’ health so we must use the best water filter system.