How to Choose the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for Your Needs?

Ever tried to pick out a reverse osmosis (RO) water filter for home out of so many varieties and brands?

Yes, it’s not that easy nowadays! When choosing a reverse osmosis water filtration system that can supply the cleanest drinking water for the family, you should consider the following factors.

Some tips before buying a RO water purifier.

- You should have an elementary knowledge of the RO water purification process: what reverse osmosis is all about and which reverse osmosis water filtration systems are available for home and commercial needs (industrial systems). After that, one may do some comparison-shopping asking questions concerning the excellence of materials used, the guarantee, the servicing.

- You need to check the brand of RO filter membrane used! It is of greatest significance, since, membrane is the key element, influencing the quality of reverse osmosis filtration.

A membrane is probably to be of low-priced, poorer quality if the filter system uses a basic non-brand membrane.

You can even know the quality and durability of a RO filtration system, without really using the unit! Here are the methods of product evaluation:

- Know the total weight and strength of the system you want to purchase. It should weigh about 20-30 lbs and be built like a tank. RO water filter system of decent quality are usually thick and made of heavyweight polypropylene shell that is very long lasting and highly heat resistant.

- Dealer should provide a TDS meter, which indicates the Total Dissolved Solids in water. In addition, vendor can provide the user the ability to check the efficiency of water filter themselves. Dependable retailers will be sure of the purification ability of the RO water purifier they sell.

- Many of the best water filter systems
are usually Do-It-Yourself units. Thus, it will not be useless to check also the quality of instruction manual. Is it easy to read and contain pictures, illustrations so that it becomes easier to realize.

- All of the RO water filter parts should be NSF certified: Aquasana, APEC, Crystal Quest are good examples. One should not buy RO system from sellers who do not want to disclose or do not know about the brands or makers of their filter parts. One should beware of those systems that claim to be built with NSF parts though having only few certified components.

- There are several pre-filters used in reverse osmosis purifier besides the membrane. The quality of the water will be better if the system has more filters as they help in maintaining the life and durability of the RO membrane. It is highly recommended that one should not buy a system without at least 3-4 filter stages.

These are some of the basic and most useful tips to consider before purchasing your best reverse osmosis system for home or commercial needs. Now, you may also read about some quality and popular RO water filter systems and alternative non-reverse osmosis water filtration system that we picked and reviewed.


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